The flight time from San Francisco to Colorado Springs is 2 hours, 26.5 minutes. See Data as Tables

Average Timeline

Leaves SFO San Francisco, CA 1 minute late.
17 minutes taxiing out
1 hour, 58.5 minutes in the air
6 minutes taxiing in
Arrives COS Colorado Springs, CO 7.5 minutes early.

Flight Reliability By Airline ?


Reverse Journey

Colorado Springs to San Francisco
2 hours, 47 minutes

Flight Time By Airline ?

2h 27m
Taxiing Out
Air Time
Taxiing In

Flights Per Week



964 Miles

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Tables and Explanations

Data Source

Our information is computed from the latest available data from the US Department of Transportation.

Average Timeline Timeline Chart

The average timeline contains the median time a flight spends in 3 stages. The first of these three stages is taxiing out which includes the time from the flight leaving the gate to taking off. The second stage is in the air, which includes the time spent from the flight leaving the ground to touching back down at the end of it's journey. The last stage is taxiing in, which is from when the flight touches down to the flight arriving at it's gate.

The average timeline also estimates on average of when the flight will leave and arrive relative to it's stated departure time.

Leaves San Francisco 1 minute late
Taxi Out Time 17 minutes
In the Air 118.5 minutes
Taxiing In 6 minutes
Arrives Colorado Springs 7.5 minutes early

Flight Reliability Reliability Chart

The reliability of an airline measures how often the airline's flights on this route are cancelled or delayed more than 10 minutes. For example, from San Francisco to Colorado Springs, Frontier is 74% reliable, which means that Frontier flights are on time 74% of the time, and cancelled or delayed the remaining time.

Airline Normal Flights Arrival Delayed* Flight Cancelled
Frontier 74% 24% 2%

Flight Time By Airline Flight Time By Airline Chart

Each airline takes a different amount of time to fly between San Francisco and Colorado Springs, this is due to different operational factors on the ground, as well as scheduling of planes. Each airline's flight time is split into three stages which are described above in the "Average Timeline" section. There are also miscellaneous operational issues which are included in the below total but are not accounted for in one of the three stages.

Airline Taxiing Out
In the Air
Taxiing In
Frontier 17 119 6 147

Flights By Month Flights By Month Chart

The quantity of flights from San Francisco to Colorado Springs that take off in a given month of the year. This number changes because some flights are seasonal, and almost all flights have uneven demand througout the year.

Month Count
January 0
February 0
March 0
April 0
May 0
June 8
July 13
August 14
September 12
October 14

Flights By Day Of Week Flights By Day of Week Chart

The quantity of flights from San Francisco to Colorado Springs that take off on a given day of the week. Some routes only have enough demand to sustain a few trips a week, while others have many flights a day. This number is also an average across the year, and hence may not be a whole number.

Day Count
Monday 0
Tuesday 0.4
Wednesday 0
Thursday 0.4
Friday 0
Saturday 0
Sunday 0.4

Flight per Airline (per Week) Flights By Airline Chart

How many times an airline flies this route in a week. Different factors play into how often a carrier chooses to fly a given route including it's need to connect disparate routes, and demand.

Airline Flights per Week
Frontier 1
* Delayed more than 10 minutes.
All data above is a median or mean as appropriate.